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Yellow Blossom and Raindrops

"After the early morning rain, the sky cleared and the sun shone on my garden. I walked outside to breathe in the crisp air and to observe the wet garden. The raindrops trickled down the leaves of the green ivy that crawls up the fence. Some drops lay on the yellow blossom and green leaves of a margarita bush. I let my mind rest and my senses delight in the simplicity of the yellow blossom and translucent raindrops under the bright tropical light." If you would like to read the experiential upshot of this scene, please visit my new blog, Peripatetic Walks , and read the complete story by clicking here. As I  transition to a new phase in my writing, I am posting there regularly and bilingually, in Spanish and English. You are always welcome to visit. My garden in the morning light after rain

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